Scalar DG-2A

SCALAR's innovation combines digital and optical technology in a unit
which let you go virtually anywhere with an array of magnifying options.

The DG-2A has a wide variety of lenses from which you can choose!

Three types of these lenses are highlighted below:

High Resolution Lenses-

These lenses come in the following magnifications: x100, x200, x500, x1000

Bore Lenses-

Our bore lenses are made to get to those difficult to reach places and are equipped with a detachable 90 degree mirror for side viewing.

Micro-macro lenses-

Choose from three different types: x0-x30, x0-x30N (non-reflective), x0-x100. With these lenses, you will have both a digital camera and a micro- scope with a simple turn of the focusing ring.

Microscopic Image

Macro Image CF Memory card links data with your computer

The DG-2A is equipped with a 16MB CF memory card to download data to your computer or printer.

The DG-2A can record at least 17 high-resolution JPEG images. Larger CF memory cards can be used to store a greater number of images.

Video output port included

The DG-2A can serve as a video camera as well, delivering 30 frames per second to a large size monitor or projector with a video cable. You may want to record these images as well in a VCR format.

The DG-2A sports a C mount adapter which ma% connect to an endoscope or microscope

Preserve digital images taken with an endoscope or on a microscope by using the C mount adapter included in the basic set. Catalog these images in a database for a report or presentation.

Attach the DG-2A to an endoscope


Microscope attachment option (or telescope for bright night-time objects)

Scalar's touch a new technology allows you to image surfaces as never before

Simply touch the surface needing magnification with a DG-2A lens to record clearly defined microscopic images ever without a stand (non-contact lenses are also available).


AT only 400 grams, the compact DG-2A is ready to go to any workplace.

The DG-2A is ideal for trvelling to any site you may wish to go. Its lithium-ion battery makes it a cordless digital solution to allow you to take it into the plant or on the field to image anything you please.

Attractive case provided

The DG-2A comes equipped with a durable case to protect the main camera and its core accessories. There is also room for several optional lenses that you may choose.

One touch of a button delivers high-resolution images.

The DG-2A can provide 2.3 megapixel images. With 2x digital zoom feature, a 1000x lens produces 2000x images.

Special carrying case

High speed LCD monitor

The DG-2A displays its images on a type-2, high-speed LCD monitor. At 30 frames per second, you can enjoy full motion video right before your eyes. Still images are recorded to a CF memory card or live recording may be made when the unit is attached to a VCR via an optional cable.


DG-2A Basic Set:

  • Camera body (with LCD monitor)
  • Lithium-ion rechargeable battery
  • Battery charger (also an AC adapter)
  • Video Cable
  • CF memory card (16MB)
  • PCMCIA adapter
  • C mount adapter
  • Special carrying case