Vibration Level Meter

Vibration Meter

Sound Level Meter

High Precision Vibration Measurement

TYPE 3233

Lv Vibration Level
Lva Vibration Acceleration Level
Leq Power Average
Lmax Maximum Value
Lx Percentile Level
ACO's state-of-the-art Vibration Meter


The TYPE 3233 conforms to measurement law JIS C 1510 1995, and exerts mobility at every measuring site because of its smallness and light weight. Combination/Integration with Vibration Pickup TYPE 7833 allows you to measure vibration levels and vibration acceleration levels on the ground, floor, foundation and seat etc., simultaneously in three directions of X, Y and Z.

The measuring and computing items are vibration level Lv for which sensory characteristics are taken into account, vibration acceleration level Lva of physical quantity, power average Leq, maximum value Lmax, minimum value Lmin and Percentile level Lx, of which instantaneous values are digitally displayed on the liquid crystal screen.

These can be simultaneously recorded on an external level recorder with output terminals independent in three directions. In addition, data processing has been simplified by integrating with peripherals using I/0 terminal (RS-232C interface). ACO's Sound Meters, TYPES 6224/6226, having the equivalent specifications, are also on sale as popular comparison meters. Please make use of these in combination with the measuring instruments for environment control.


Easy to handle as a result of its smallness and light weight, high mobility and easy operation. Measurer does not require any special skill. The pickup for measurement offers compatibility.

  • Digital values and bar graphs are displayed on a large-scale liquid crystal screen equipped with backlight. Anyone can take a measurement without a reading error, and easily grasp vibration amounts with the bar graph.

  • Wide range of linearity 75 dB eliminates switching.

  • Maximum and minimum values (Lmax, Lmin), Percentile vibration level (Ex; five values) and power average are computed simultaneously in three directions, and selectively displayed.

  • RS-232C interface built-in, data management and processing can be easily carried out by data management software (separately sold).

  • A wide range of vibration levels can be easily measured and operability is enhanced by using the tripod stand.


Standard applied Measuring law JIS C 1510-1995 (Japan)

Measuring functions


Vibration level


Vibration acceleration level


Power average


Maximum value


Minimum value


Percentile level

Lx(Five values arbitrarily selected)

Measuring time

10 seconds,1,5,10,15,30 minutes,
1,8,12,24 hours
Manual Longest measuring time:
199 hours 59 minutes 59 seconds

Measuring level

30-120 dB


Not larger than 30 dB

Linearity range

75 dB

Level range switching

2 stage switching by 20 dB step
30 90 dB
50 110 dB

Frequency range

1-80 Hz

Frequency correcting circuit

Vertical characteristic, horizontal characteristic, and flat characteristic

Effective value detecting circuit

Real effective value detecting circuit
(digital computing scheme)

Dynamic characteristic

0.63 second


Electrical calibration by built-in
oscillator(sinusoidal wave of 31.5 Hz)

Sampling period

2 ms (Leq)
64 ms (Lmax, Lmin, Lx)


Power average(Leg)
Computing mean square within measuring
time in three directions simultaneously.
Percentile level(Lx)
Computing L5, L10, L50, L90 and L95 in
three directions simultaneously based on
cumulative frequency distribution.
Maximum, minimum value(Lmax,Lmin)
Computing maximum and minimum values
within measuring time in three directions

Pause function

General pause function


Liquid crystal displayer(128 X 64 dots)
with backlight

Digital display

Displayed in numerals: Displayed in 4 digits
Displaying cycle: 1 second

Bar display

Displaying cycle Approximately:64 ms

Alarm display

Over: Overload,displayed in+10 dB from scale upper limit
Under: Excessively faint signal, displayed
in -0.6 dB from scale lower limit
Remaining battery amount: Displayed in 4
Clock: Year, Month, Date, Hour, Minute, Second

Output terminal

Independent output in 3 directions

AC output

Output voltage: 1 Vrms(full scale)
Output resistance: 600 Ohm
Load resistance: Not less than 10k Ohm

DC output

Output voltage'.2.5 V(full scale)
0.25 V/10 dB
Output resistance'.50 0
Load resistance.'Not less than 10 ka

I/0 terminal

Control of vibration meter and data output
by computer(direct output to computer)
Interface RS-232C(asynchronous)


AA batteries four or AC adaptor
Battery life.'Alkali battery,approximately
20 hours(Manganese battery, approximately
11 hours)Battery life is approximately 1/3
the above when the backlight lights

Operating temperature range

-10-50 30 % 90 %RH(no condensation)

Weight Approximately

350 g including batteries


Main body TYPE 3233 1
Vibration pickup TYPE 7833
(Three directional) 1
Cable(3m) BC-0233 1
BNC pin cord BC-0071 1
AA batteries 4
Housing case 1