Submersible Motor Pumps
with Top Quality & Excellent Cost Performance

Submersible Sand and Slurry Pumps
(2,2 ~ 150kW / 3 ~ 220HP)

   Dredging and transferring, sand, slurry, gravel, solids, mud, soils, stone dust, and ind. waste at offshore, harbor, river, lake, mine, quarry, power plant, construction & civil works, recycling and ready mixed concrete(RMC) plant.
Submersible Sewage Pumps
(0.75 ~ 150kW / 1 ~ 200HP)

   Large volume drainage at pumping station, sewage and wastewater treatment plant, sewage drainage at factory and building and raw water transfer from lake and river.
Submersible Dewatering Pumps
(0.75 ~ 15kW / 1 ~ 22HP)

  Multi-purpose general submersible pumps for dewatering at civil works, construction sites of water and wastewater system, subway, tunnel, mine and water supply.
Submersible Wastewater Pumps
(0.75 ~ 15kW / 1 ~ 22HP)

  Drainage of wastewater at ind. sites, factory and commercial building, and transferring rain water and wastewater at subway, complex treatment plant and underground shopping center.
Submersible Highhead Dewatering
(22 ~ 90kW / 30 ~ 120HP)

  High head dewatering at construction and civil working sites for road, dam and subway, drainage of effluent at mine, distant supply water and drainage.
Submersible Cutter Pumps
(0.75 ~ 15kW / 1 ~ 22HP)

 Transferring sewage and wastewater with solids, execrative disposals. Recommended to any sites to transfer effluent, sewage and wastewater with solids and foreign materials.
Submersible Screw Pumps
(1.5 ~ 22kW / 2 ~ 30HP)

  Equipped with non-clog screw type impeller for transferring excreta, solid, high viscous sewage, such as treatment of waste at piggery and tannery, and trasferring small sized fruits, fish and shells.
Submersible Semi-Vortex Pumps
(0.75 ~ 15kW / 1 ~ 22HP)

  Sewage and wastewater treatment plant, transfer excreta and sludge at piggery farm and septic tank.
Pumps for Wheel Washing System
(5.5/7.5/11kW / 7.5/10/15HP)

  Pumps for wheel washing equipment for commercial vehicles, such as dump truck, bus, trailer and heavy duty vehicles. 
Discharge Connector
  TO-Unit (Lifter)
50mm ~

  Discharge connector(lifting device) for HB, HBS, HC, HCT and HSV-series pumps

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