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Sand Pumps, Mobile Conveyors &
Desalinizing (desalting) facilities & Plant.

Since its establishment on 1982, DSP Co., Ltd., (DSP) has been developing sand pumps, complete lines and technology of gatahering seabed & river sands, transferring the sands and desalinizing (desalting) seabed sand with its own facilities and experiments.

Through continuous efforts and improved technology achieved by repeated practical experiemnts and operation at its own sites, DSP has been supplying the quality sands, heavy duty high quality and cost-performance sand pumps, mobile conveying system and desalinizing (washing & desalting) systems.

In this website, we would like to show you the products, manufacturing scope and facilities, and the related contents in detail. We would appreciate your esteemed comments and interests in our products.

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Application & Main Product


Gathering seabed sand into barge.

Transferring sand with conveyor.
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Mobile Conveyor
(Patent No. 2003-43959)

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