Hardness Tester


For Hardness Measurement and Control of Small and Thin Specimen made of various Rubber Materials, Thermoplastic Elastomers, Soft Plastics and etc.



  • As recent technology requires more micronized products, it would be not applicable to such requirements with conventional hardness tester for rubber.
  • Micro Durometer Model MD-1 is developed to fill such demands for quality control of micronized measuring objects enabling high accuracy by easy operation.
  • MD-1 enables measurement of hardness of thin and small objects that can not be measured with conventional rubber hardness tester.
  • Designed and manufactured as the 1/5 reduction model of spring type rubber hardness tester (Durometer) A-type and the measured value is approximately comparable with A-type Hardness of ISO 868 or ASTM D 2240.

Main Features:

  • Applicable to various samples such as small and thin rubber parts or sheet in about 1mm thickness up to 60mm height.
  • Simple preparation and easy adjustment as well as easy setting of sample.
  • All measurement actions are automatic. Just press a switch and wait for a few seconds, the data is indicated and printed automatically.
  • Automatic test by one-touch key operation and eliminate operators' personal errors in data.
  • The measured value is approximately comparable with ISO 868 and ASTM D 2240 A.
  • Selection of [NORMAL], [PEAK HOLD] or [TIMER HOLD] as standard.
  • Pressure speed of sensor against specimen can be kept constant by air-damper control.
  • Possible to connect with other equipment (P.C. etc.).


Pressure Method

Cantilever plate spring type

Load of Spring

22mN(2.24gf)/0 point, 332mN(33.85gf)/100 point

Dimension of Indicator

Diameter 0.16mm, Height 0.5mm,Cylindrical

Pressure Foot Bush

Out.Dia. 4mm, Inner Dia. 1.6mm

Range of Indicator

0-100 point, minimum resolution in 0.1 point

Pressure Speed of Sensor

Controlled by air damper

Height Adjustment Range

0-67mm (distance between specimen table and pressure foot surface)

Test Mode

Selection of [Normal], [Peak Hold] or [Timer Hold]


BCD Parallel-TTL Level, or RS232C interface


Data printing, setting upper and lower limit, go/nogo judgment

Power Source

100V AC as standard

Net Weight

Approx. 20kg

Example of Measuring Objects:

  • Sealing parts as packing, '0'-ring, gasket etc.
  • Automobile parts as bushing, coupling, weather strips etc.
  • Precision rubber parts for electric articles of automobile.
  • Motive and transferring rubber belt such as timing belt, conveyer belt etc.
  • Medical rubber cap, tube etc.
  • Precision rolls for office machines as facsimile machine, printer, copy machine etc.
  • Precision rubber parts for electric appliance.
  • Natural and synthetic rubber materials (for development and research).
  • Rubber sheet for shoes.
  • Test piece for various standard (ISO, ASTM, DIN, JIS etc.).
  • Any other small and thin rubber parts.

Advantages of MD-1:

  • Easy Operation: Just put sample on the table, adjust the sample position and push MEASURE switch for automatic measurement.
  • Wide Space: Having wide space for sample, various kind of samples can be measured.
  • Quick Measurement: Thickness of sample: 1mm-60mm About 3 seconds for one cycle automatic measurement. (7-8 seconds for a few points measurements)
  • Multi-Point: Equipped with X-Y cross table with micro adjustment, you can remove sample in 1/100mm step. Measurement of multiple points is quite easy.
  • Free from Operator's Error: Automatic measurement eliminates operators' errors and the data is always reliable.
  • Maintenance Free: Simple mechanism and precisely finished parts enables maintenance free.
  • International Standard: Approximately comparable with ISO 868 and ASTM D 2240 A.